Tuesday, May 28, 2013


My child speaks. And by speaks I mean screams. And only one word. NO! And she means it too. She says it for everything, but when she means yes she will nod her head while saying "NO." We try not to laugh even though it's hysterical. I try and respond with a "Yes" every time she says no. occasionally she shakes her hand at me and says "no, no mama!" And she LOVES, I mean LOVES to pull everything out of every drawer, cupboard, basket etc. if it has something in it, she will pull it out.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Dancing Chicken

Charlotte LOVES to dance! It's hysterical. anytime music comes on she starts clapping, kicking, moving her head around and waving her arms. My parents have a Easter decoration that's a chick in a egg, when it turns on the chicken moves up and down to the "Mexican Hat Dance" music. Charlotte loves it. She knows exactly what it does and after it turns off tries to sing the music and waves her hands, trying to do the dance. WELL for mothers day my parents got me a card that sings the same dance. She loves it. She also broke it so that it sings, always. does not stop. seriously a full drive of the chicken dance gets REALLY annoying really fast. So its trashed now. But here is a little video of the babe dancing.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

We're Ba-ack!

Ookay, okay, okay, it has been a LOOOONG while since I have posted anything at all on this blog yes. I do however keep Facebook and insta REALLY up to date. And now I'm going to post to my blog, and Facebook and insta about one of Clair's very best friends. Tom Henry. They were golfing almost 3 weeks ago when he mentioned he had a doctors appointment to get to, then within two days everything started falling apart. He learned within that week that he is fighting stage 4 melanoma. Here is his blog if you want to read his story.

 http://teamtommy36.blogspot.com/ .

The LAST thing they need to be worrying about is how to pay for everything. SO here is a link to the 5k fundraiser, as well as the donation web site.



This is the best of the best family. Brandy Henry (Tom's wife) also recently learned her sister is battling cancer. Not that I am wishing horrible things on to the rest of us, but boo, spread out the bad news! Keep this family in your prayers PLEASE.

On a lighter note. Here are some recent pictures of my baby girl. She is huge, and chunky  (as my sister Leisy continues to point out ) and HYSTERICAL but she is 100% my child on the inside and Clair's on the outside. She LOVES her dad. here are some recent pictures. I'll try and post different one than the ones I put on the FB and Insta.

                                              photo.JPG           photo.JPG

Friday, November 2, 2012

Sick Little CeCe.

So it's been forever so here is a overload of pictures of Charlotte. All of the pictures are out of order again.

Poor girl has been super sick with ear infections, colds, a rash and hives. The rash is CRAZY. it travels day to day. Luckily for me she doesn't seem phased at all.

She is huge! She's 14 pounds and 25.5 inches. And she thinks she should be feeding herself. She can roll over front to back and almost back to front.

I also included her Halloween costume picture too. She was a bumble bee. And she loved it :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Halloween Time

As I learned before, blogging from my phone gets all jumbled. So here is a quick post of the first of my Halloween decorations and some cute pictures of Charlotte.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pinterest Mom

So My friend and I decided the other day that we would like our husbands to start making bucketloads of money so that we can just be stay at home pinterest moms. I for the most part am I stay at home mom and I love pinterest. I've been obsessed with the do it yourself cleaning stuff. So here are a few things I have made. The laundry detergent I made back in April. This is still the first jar full. I made the full recipe and i still have half a five gallon bucket full. The shower cleaner is my fave. It works SO SO WELL! And the spot remover I used today and wallah... The spots are gone. I honestly couldn't remember where the spots were to take the after pic. It worked that good.

And lastly my super cute baby. She is hysterical and adorable and getting so so huge!!

And I just downloaded the blogger app for my phone so everything might be jumbled up.

Friday, August 24, 2012

baby, crafts, and cooking

okay time for a new post filled with mostly pictures. I have been a little more crafty lately so I'll include a few crafts plus the cake I made for Daysa's birthday. I CANNOT believe that Daysa is 18 and out of the house. its NUTS! Happy Belated Birthday Daysa Bug. 

so pretty much she is adorable :) she always makes this kinda crazy half smiling face. And she loves the addition to her room. I hung up this tree branch right above her changing table and it is no longer a struggle to change the diaper. she just stares up at the pink. 

I originally made this and stuck it in a vase for a baby shower but decided it matches Charlotte's room quite nicely so I hung it up in there.

So Charlotte is a REALLY happy baby... unless she is mad at you then she refuses to look at you and just furrows her brow. She is so funny. She cried the whole way from Lehi to Orem (15 minutesish) and as soon as Clair pulled in our driveway she stopped, so when Clair went to get her out she furrowed her brow and refused to look at him. this is the side profile just waiting, annoyed, at the world.

So here is another craft. Its the end of August so I decided it was time I took down my 4th of July wreath.

 and last but not least Daysa's birthday cake. It wasn't that good but it was the best bunt cake (visually)  that I had ever made. it was a dark chocolate Oreo filled cake.